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Super Bowl XLII Winner Predicted Last Five Years Heres This Years Pick

EA Sports has predicted the outcome of Super Bowl XLII based on simulations using Madden NFL 08 video game. Sounds crazy but five years in a row is pretty impressive bt any means.

The New England Patriots will beat the New York Giants in a close game by the final score of 38-30. Skeptics may scoff at such a prediction but EA Sports has predicted the past five winners of the Super Bowl.

EA Sports says the Patriots and Giants got off to a close start with two touchdowns by running back Laurence Maroney and three field goals by Giant's kicker Lawrence Tynes who helped the Giants get to the Super Bowl by kicking the game winning kick over the Green Bay Packers.

Towards the end of the third quarter the Patriots led by only one 24-23. They added to their lead with a 31-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Tom Brady to wide receiver Randy Moss. In the fourth quarter the Giants were down 31-23 and a chance to tie the game. A tipped pass by quarterback Eli Manning dashed those hopes as the Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel made an interception. The Patriots would score one more time to take the lead 38-23.

The Giants scored one last time and the game ended 38-30. It will be fun to see how the real game turns out on Sunday.

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Plaxico Burress May Not Play In Super Bowl See What Other Giants Are Hurt

There is no guarantee New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress will play in the Super Bowl.

Ankle and knee problems caused Burress to miss his third straight practice Friday, leaving coach Tom Coughlin hoping his star receiver can continue his yearlong trend of playing every week without the benefit of working with his teammates.

"He's improved," Coughlin said after the Giants finished their final practice for Sunday's NFL title game against the New England Patriots. "He's done it all year under all kinds of circumstances. We've just got to be hopeful he can do it one more time."

While Burress did not practice because of a sprained right ankle and swelling in his left knee, he did participate in part of the individual portion of the 80-minute practice at the Arizona Cardinals' headquarters.

Burress, who guaranteed a 23-17 win over the Patriots earlier in the week, stretched and loosened up with his teammates. The 6-foot-5 veteran who led the team with 12 touchdown catches, ran a few routes in drills to test his legs, the first time he has done that this week.

"He ran a couple of slants," Coughlin said. "He took a play in the `green' zone and that was about all we did with him." Burress stood on the side during the team portion of practice holding his helmet.

"Obviously, if we felt he could go, he would have gone the whole time," Coughlin said

Defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who had 13 of the Giants' league-high 52 sacks, missed Friday's practice with a sore thigh. He is listed as probable.

Starting left guard Rich Seubert and backup cornerback Kevin Dockery each had his second full day of practice.

Seubert sprained his right knee in the fourth quarter of the NFC title game. Dockery missed the last two playoff games with a hip injury.

Coughlin felt the team was enthusiastic in three days of work in Phoenix.

"It was a good solid work week," he said. "We talked about coming over here and having a solid six hours together. We had that each day we worked."

The Giants will have a walkthrough here on Saturday.



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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw for 23 TDs and 20 interceptions with a 73.9 passer rating in 2007, the identical stats in all three categories that Bears QB Rex Grossman compiled in 2006.

Super Bowl Betting System's That Will Win You Money

Many people have at least heard of the Super Bowl Betting System and its ability to pick the winner of the game. It has been around for a number of years, or at least some variation of it, and there are those who will swear by it, including at least one sports service who charges for the selection.

The system started off going 32-3-2 against the point spread, but hasn't fared as well in the past couple of years and is now (I believe) 33-6-2 versus the point spread.

The person most often credited with developing the system was former NFL coach Hank Stram.

Super Bowl Betting System
Note: Stats used are for regular season games only.

1. Give 10 points if a team has won a Super Bowl in the last three years.
2. Give 8.0 points to any team whose opponent is playing in their very first Super Bowl in franchise history.
3. Give 8.0 points to the team that has allowed the fewer defensive rushes.
4. Give 7.0 points to the team with the best straight up win/loss record including playoffs.
5. Give 7.0 points to the team with the most offensive rushes.
6. Give 5.0 points to the team with the lower defensive rush average per carry.
7. Give 4.0 points to the team that has the best net kick-punt touchdown returns.
8. Give 4.0 points to the team the team with the better record against the point spread.
9. Give 4.0 points to the team that has the superior net penalty yards.
10. Give 3.5 points to the team that has the best yards per pass attempt.
11. Give 3.5 points to the team that has given up the fewest points.
12. Give 3.5 points to the team that has allowed the fewest rushing touchdowns.
13. Give 3.0 points to the team that has the most sacks.
14. Give 2.5 points to the team with the fewest offensive pass attempts.
15. Give 2.0 points to the team that had the best net punts (total) on the year.
16. Give 1.5 points to the team with the best average per offensive rush.
17. Give 1.0 points to the team with the best completion percentage.

There is a bit of work involved in determining which team the system picks, so I've gone ahead and done the math for you.

Going down the list, we give the following points to each team:
No. 1: New England 10 points
No. 2: No points given
No. 3: New England 8 points
No. 4: New England 7 points
No. 5: New York 7 points
No. 6: New York 5 points
No. 7: New England 4 points
No. 8: No points given
No. 9: New York 4 points
No. 10: New England 3.5 points
No. 11: New England 3.5 points
No. 12: New England 3.5 points
No. 13: New York 3 points
No. 14: New York 2.5 points
No. 15: New England 2 points
No. 16: New York 1.5 points
No. 17: New England 1 point

(Remember, we're using regular season statistics, so No. 8 is a wash, as both teams were 10-6 against the point spread for the year.)

Adding up the totals for each team gives New England 42.5 points and the New York Giants 23 points. The System pick for the 2008 Super Bowl, therefore, is the New England Patriots.

One More Super Bowl System

Another Super Bowl system, and one that is much easier to use, has a record of 24-15-2 since the inception of the big game and just involves three steps:

1. Go against any team that did not cover the point spread in their championship game.
2. If both teams covered the spread in the championship games, bet on the team with the highest number of straight up wins entering the Super Bowl.
3. If both teams have the same number of wins, bet on the underdog.

For this year, the answer is found in the first step, as the New England Patriots didn't cover the point spread in the AFC Championship Game, while the New York Giants covered the point spread against the Green Bay Packers. Therefore, the New York Giants the selection for this system.

There you have two Super Bowl systems that have been around for a number of years and have withstood the test of time.

"19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots''

Here's something that should infuriate New York Giants fans and haters of the New England Patriots. has a book entitled: "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots'' published by the Boston Globe for sale at the bargain price of $14.95. The ad notes the book has yet to be released.

The funny part is that a couple years back, when the Patriots were playing the Eagles in XXXIX, Bill Belichick read Philadelphia's plans for a championship parade to his team the night before the game, pretending to be infuriated that the city would set that up

New England Patriots Super Bowl Parade News

A Super Bowl win for the New England Patriots on Sunday would set up a big-league conflict between politics and sports in a city that is obsessed with both: The victory parade would have to be on Super Tuesday, when Massachusetts votes with 21 other states in critical Democratic and Republican presidential primaries the Boston Globe reported.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said Monday that there is no choice. The players would not be able to get back from Phoenix early enough for a Monday parade. And a number of Patriots have to travel to Hawaii Wednesday for the Feb. 10 Pro Bowl.

City officials have been planning a route that would skirt polling places and are putting extra police officers on call. More than 200 officers are needed to guard ballots each election day. Hundreds more are typically needed to control massive crowds during victory rallies.

Plaxico Burress Makes Tom Brady Laugh When He Says The Patriots Will Only Score 17 Points

New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress gave the New York Post his prediction on who wins Super Bowl XVII. It sure ain't the New England Patriots.

As he pulled his car up to the Giants Stadium tunnel to unload his bags, Burress Monday morning was asked by The Post a direct question: Are you ready to make history? "You better believe it," the towering Giants receiver said.

And then, as he entered the stadium and turned left toward the Giants locker room, Burress was asked for his prediction. Burress never hesitated, flatly stating "23-17." Tom Brady just laughed when he heard the prediction of his team only mustering 17 points.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens is unhappy with the player's Union

"Honestly, I'm disappointed in the union. The second time that we've kind of used their services, I've been very, very disappointed in that,'' he said on an ESPN radio show from the Super Bowl.

Owens was defended by the NFLPA when he fought the Philadelphia Eagles' suspension of him in November 2005, and in this matter. The Eagles contended that after they suspended Owens for "conduct detrimental to the team,'' he owed them $1.725 million of his $2.3 million signing bonus. They withheld his remaining paychecks, but still fell nearly $800,000 short of the total they'd sought.

"I'm not going to really worry about the money, money doesn't really make me,'' Owens said. "I'm very fortunate to be where I am, and I'll leave that in the past.''


Feb. 3 -- Super Bowl, Glendale, Ariz.

Feb. 10 -- Pro Bowl, Honolulu.

Feb. 20-26 -- NFL scouting combine, Indianapolis.

March 30-April 3 -- NFL annual meeting, Palm Beach, Fla.

April 26-27 -- NFL draft, New York.

May 19-21 -- NFL spring meeting, Atlanta

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New England OPEN 14 TODAY 12 O/U 53 1/2 UNDERDOG NY Giants

2008 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings Top 25

1. Darren McFadden, 6-1, 217, Arkansas
This fast junior running back has the all-around skills to be an impact player early is his professional career.

2. Rashard Mendenhall, 5-11, 225, Illinois
Mendenhall is a rugged back who completed an outstanding 2007 season. He will be a workhorse in the NFL.

3. Jonathan Stewart, 5-10, 230, Oregon
This underclassman has the size to be a powerful inside runner and the speed to break the big play.

Felix Jones, 5-11, 200, Arkansas
This fast all-purpose performer looks to wow scouts in workouts. A good 40-yard dash time could guarantee him a first-round grade.

5. Steve Slaton, 5-9, 195, West Virginia
This fast all-purpose back is an explosive performer who needs to prove durable as a pro.

6. Kevin Smith, 6-0, 210, Central Florida
Smith is a natural runner who has received a ton of carries at the college level. He has good skills and ranks among the top backs.

7. Chris Johnson, 5-11, 195, East Carolina
Johnson is a very fast back who has displayed big-play ability as a runner, receiver and return specialist.

8. Jamaal Charles, 6-0, 200, Texas
Charles is a tough, slashing-type runner with the ability to run inside and make the big play. He had a big finish to the 2007 season.

9. Ray Rice, 5-9, 200, Rutgers
Rice is a quick, compact runner with good natural skills. He is another fine addition to this very strong running back class.

10. Mike Hart, 5-9, 205, Michigan
This compact tailback has been a consistently productive runner at a high level, but he must dispel some injury concerns.

11. Allen Patrick, 5-11, 195, Oklahoma
Patrick is a quick tailback who has shown a fine burst to the hole. He has the natural running skills to get to the second level.

12. Tashard Choice, 5-11, 210, Georgia Tech
Tough natural runner made a successful return after a midseason knee injury cost him a few games. He had a nice week at the Senior Bowl.

13. Justin Forsett, 5-8, 190, California
Forsett is a quick, darting tailback who is also a fine all-purpose back. He has good cutting skills, and has surprising power – which allows him to break tackles.

14. Matt Forte, 6-1, 220, Tulane
Forte is a big, strong workhorse back who had a dominant 2000-yard rushing performance in 2007. He showed at the Senior Bowl that his success wasn't just a result of playing poor competition.

15. Yvenson Bernard, 5-9, 205, Oregon State
Bernard is a strong, compact runner who often shows a quick burst through the hole. He gets the most of every rushing attempt.

16. Chauncey Washington, 6-0, 215, Southern Cal
17. Rafael Little, 5-9, 195, Kentucky
18. Anthony Alridge, 5-8, 175, Houston
19. Thomas Brown, 5-8, 195, Georgia
20. Dantrell Savage, 5-8, 190, Oklahoma State
21. Cory Boyd, 6-0, 220, South Carolina
22. Ryan Torain, 6-0, 215, Arizona St
23. Alley Broussard, 6-0, 250, Missouri Southern St
24. Keon Lattimore, 5-11, 220, Maryland
25. Tony Temple, 5-9, 200, Missouri




The New England Patriots scored their first victory of Super Bowl week when in a courtroom on the other side of the country virtually nothing happened.

The scene at a Broward (Fla.) Circuit Court could have produced explosive allegations that neither the Patriots nor Randy Moss needed on the eve of Super Bowl media day. Instead it turned into an uneventful postponement of a restraining order hearing stemming from an early January domestic dispute.

Neither Moss nor his accuser was present. Neither was her once-bold talking former lawyer or even her new representation.

The hearing has been moved to the tranquility of March and the thousands of media here to hype the Super Bowl won't have anything new to badger Moss or his teammates with.

For the Patriots, there couldn't have been a much better development. Expect a virtually endless stream of "no comments" and "that's already been dealt with" this week.

"We're honestly hoping the matter can be resolved (out of court)," Moss' attorney, Richard Shapstein told the Boston Herald.

In terms of football, it doesn't matter now. Anything after this week was fine with the Patriots.

Moss was accused of committing "dating violence" on Rachelle Washington, a long-time friend. Washington's former attorney, David McGill, even accused Moss of not allowing her to seek medical treatment and, as detailed in court papers, being "too impaired" to properly recall what happened during the Jan. 6 incident.

McGill never said what Moss was supposedly impaired by, but that alone could have been a major news development.

Moss called it an "accident" and after the two sides went back and forth in six-figure settlement talks, Moss labeled the entire situation "extortion."

Even taking domestic violence as seriously as possible, Washington's story still had plenty of questions that needed answers. Moss, meanwhile, certainly helped his case with his vehement public denial, despite engaging in the settlement negotiations.

Only Washington and Moss know the truth, but this was a curious case from the start.

It was Washington's attorney, David McGill, who was the wild card. Before being replaced Monday, he had noisily promised plenty of fireworks concerning Moss' "reckless and degrading conduct" at this hearing.

It could have been just the kind of stuff that would have left Moss defending himself Tuesday in front of what is annually one the largest media throngs in the world.

You even had the aggressive New York newspapers with a vested interest in the game and, indeed, Moss' state of mind.

If the New York Post was willing to hire a Jessica Simpson look-alike to spook Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo during a playoff game against the New York Giants, what wouldn't it try here?

There was just no way a story involving domestic violence, "impairment" and an extortion triangle was slipping under the radar of the New York tabs. Fair or not, ugly or not, to say this could have taken on a life of its own is an understatement.

But instead, McGill has been replaced as Washington's attorney and isn't returning phone calls, so this story quickly fades into the background – replaced by breathless speculation over the health of Tom Brady's ankle.

Moss has a right to be furious with McGill, who flamed the fire, but in truth he should just be pleased this has quieted down.

There is no telling whether the entire ordeal has affected Moss or not. His on-field production has been down significantly since he was forced to tell his coach, Bill Belichick, about the situation on the eve of a playoff game against Jacksonville.

After setting a single-season NFL record for touchdown catches, he's caught just two passes, neither for a touchdown, in two playoff games.

Everything from the windy weather in New England to defensive commitments by opponents to shut down Moss at the expense of other threats has been offered as the reason.

For their part, Moss' teammates say he hasn't changed a bit even as the charges and possible extortion plan hung over his head. Lineman Matt Light said he was the same old Randy. Linebacker Junior Seau called him, "delightful."

If there was a distraction, no one is admitting it.

"He's been the same guy, he's kept a really level head," receiver Wes Welker said Monday. "He's been a very humble guy in the locker room."

Tuesday, he can be the same at media day, after a potential headache drifted away thousands of miles from here much to the Patriots' quiet delight.

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1. This is the 42nd Super Bowl and the second time it has been held in Arizona. Super Bowl XXX was held at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona (Cowboys 27, Steelers 17).

2. The NFC leads 21-20 all-time but the AFC has won eight of the last 10 games after losing 13 straight.

3. The AFC is the home team in this year’s Super Bowl.

4.To date 3,205,733 people have attended Super Bowl games.

Careful when you cheer when the coin toss comes up heads ... winning the pregame toss doesn't mean a Super Bowl victory.

5. No Super Bowl has ever gone to overtime.

6. The team that has won the coin toss is 19-22 all-time in the Super Bowl and has lost the past four straight and nine of the last 11 games. The Patriots lost the coin toss in each of their three Super Bowl wins. They won the coin toss for Super Bowl XXXI and lost the game; they lost the coin toss for Super Bowl XX vs. the Bears and also lost that game. The Giants won the coin toss in Super Bowl XXXV and lost that game; they lost the coin toss in both Super Bowls XX and XXV and won those games.

7. The Giants-Patriots Super Bowl is the 12th Super Bowl to feature two teams that met during the regular season. The team that lost the regular-season meeting has won six of the previous 11 matchups. The last matchup was Super Bowl XXXVI between the Patriots and Rams (Rams won regular season; Patriots won the Super Bowl)

8. The Giants-Patriots Super Bowl is only the second time that the two Super Bowl participants have met in the final regular season game; the other occurrence was in 1977 when the Cowboys and Broncos met in Week 14 and then in Super Bowl XII. The Cowboys won both games. (The Giants and Patriots also met in the final game of this year's preseason; The Patriots won that game 27-20).

9. The Patriots have 20 players with Super Bowl experience on their current roster; the Giants have three.

10. Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi will be playing in his fifth Super Bowl; he is the 15th player to play in five Super Bowls. He is the seventh player to play in five Super Bowls with the same team, joining Larry Cole (Cowboys), Cliff Harris (Cowboys), D.D. Lewis (Cowboys) Charlie Waters (Cowboys), Rayfield Wright (Cowboys) and John Elway (Broncos).

With another Super Bowl MVP award, Tom Brady will tie Joe Montana for the most all-time.

11. 21 Quarterbacks have been named MVP of the Super Bowl, the most of any position.

12. Tom Brady is one of four players with multiple Super Bowl MVP awards –- the three others are quarterbacks as well: Bart Starr (2), Joe Montana (3) and Terry Bradshaw (2).

13. Tom Brady is 1 of 4 players with three Super Bowl wins as a starting QB. The other three are Terry Bradshaw (4), Joe Montana (4) and Troy Aikman (3).

14. Tom Brady is the 23rd NFL MVP to play in the Super Bowl in the same season. The last MVP to win a Super Bowl the same season was Kurt Warner in Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999. Overall, 10 NFL MVPs have won the Super Bowl in the same season. In 1968, Earl Morrall won the NFL title but lost Super Bowl III to the Jets.

15.The Patriots are making their sixth Super Bowl appearance –- and fourth in last seven years. The Patriots are the fourth franchise to make six Super Bowl appearances, joining the Cowboys (8), Steelers (6) and Broncos (6).

Bill Walsh won all three times he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

16. The Patriots have won three Super Bowls; with a win they’ll join the Steelers (5), Cowboys (5) and 49ers (5) as the only franchises to win 4 Super Bowls.

17. Bill Belichick is the eighth head coach to appear in four Super Bowls. The others are Don Shula (6), Tom Landry (5), Chuck Noll (4), Joe Gibbs (4), Bud Grant (4), Marv Levy (4) and Dan Reeves (4).

18. Belichick is one of four coaches to win three Super Bowls. The others are Chuck Noll (4-0), Bill Walsh (3-0) and Joe Gibbs (3-1).

19. Since 2001, the Patriots are 24-7 when meeting teams for the second or third (Jets, 2006) time in the same season.

20. Junior Seau is making his second Super Bowl appearance; the first since Super Bowl XXIX. The 13 years between Super Bowl appearances is the longest span in the game’s history.

21. The Patriots are the third team to win 18 games in a season, including playoffs. The ’85 Bears (18-1) and ’84 49ers (18-1) also won 18 games.

Junior Seau's Super Bowl XXIX experience was a bitter one.

22. The Patriots are the 11th team to go 10-0 at home, including the playoffs. Of the previous 10 to accomplish the feat, 8 of them won the Super Bowl (only the 1990 Bills and 1988 Bengals lost).

23. The Patriots led the NFL with 36.8 PPG this season, the highest in the Super Bowl era.

24. The Patriots are the 17th team to lead the NFL in scoring and reach the Super Bowl. The previous 16 teams are 9-7 in the Super Bowl (last two -- the ’05 Seahawks and ’01 Rams -- have lost). The last team to lead the NFL in scoring and win the Super Bowl was the ’99 Rams in XXXIV.

25. The Giants will be playing in their 18th NFL title game dating back to 1933. The Giants have won five NFL championships in their history –- including two Super Bowls.

26. The Giants' 18 NFL championship game appearances are the most in NFL history.

Eli Manning was a No. 1 overall pick, but was originally selected by the Chargers.

27. Eli Manning is the seventh No. 1 overall pick to start the Super Bowl at quarterback; the others are Peyton Manning, Drew Bledsoe, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Jim Plunkett and Terry Bradshaw.

18 sets of brothers to have reached the Super Bowl. Eli and Peyton Manning are the first set of brothers at quarterback.

Eli Manning is the only quarterback in the 2007 playoffs yet to throw an interception. Of the 12 quarterbacks in the 2007 playoffs, he had the most interceptions during the regular season (20) -- tied for the most in the NFL with Jon Kitna and Carson Palmer.

Eli Manning is the seventh quarterback in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) to throw 20 interceptions in the regular season and reach the Super Bowl.

31. This is the second straight season in which the NFC quarterback in the Super Bowl threw 20 interceptions in the regular season (last year, Rex Grossman threw 20 interceptions, and threw three in the playoffs, two in the Super Bowl). The other to throw 20 interceptions during the regular season and then reach the Super Bowl are Kurt Warner (22 in 2001), Phil Simms (22 in 1986), Terry Bradshaw (25 in 1979 and 20 in 1978) and Darryl Lamonica (20 in 1967). The only two Super Bowl quarterbacks to throw 20 interceptions during the regular season and not throw one in the playoffs were Boomer Esiason in 1990 and Simms in 1986.

Tom Coughlin is coaching in his first Super Bowl as a head coach. Head coaches making their Super Bowl debut are 20-22.

33. Tom Coughlin has coached 205 career games, including the playoffs. That is the most games coached before making a Super Bowl debut as a head coach.

34. The Giants are 10-1 away from Giants Stadium and 3-5 at home this season.

35. The Giants are the third team to reach the Super Bowl by winning three straight road games, joining the ’05 Steelers and ’85 Patriots.

Hines Ward helped the wild-card Steelers win Super Bowl XL.

36. The Giants are the ninth wild-card team to reach the Super Bowl. Wild-card teams are 4-4 in the Super Bowl. The ’05 Steelers were the last wild-card team to win.

37. The Giants are the fourth team to reach the Super Bowl following a 0-2 start. They join the ’01 Patriots, ’96 Patriots and ’93 Cowboys.

38. The Giants are the only team in NFL history to win 10 straight road games in a season.

39. Bill Belichick (15) and Tom Coughlin (7) have 22 postseason victories combined, tied for the second most in Super Bowl history among opposing coaches and surpassed only by the 25 combined playoff wins by Tom Landry and Chuck Noll in Super Bowl XIII.

40. Giants long snapper/linebacker Zak DeOssie’s father Steve DeOssie played in Super Bowl XXV as a member of the Giants (Belichick was the defensive coordinator of that Giants team). The DeOssie’s are the ninth different father-son combo to reach the Super Bowl.

41. When he appears in the game, Jeff Feagles will be the oldest Super Bowl participant at 41 years, 335 days. The previous oldest was Mike Horan at 40 years, 363 days. Feagles began his career with the Patriots in 1988.

42. Giants DE Justin Tuck and Patriots LB Adalius Thomas are cousins. Tuck’s father and Thomas’ father are first cousins.


1. Darren McFadden Jr. RB Arkansas
2. Glenn Dorsey Sr. DT LSU
3. Jake Long Sr. OT Michigan
4. Chris Long Sr. DE Virginia
5. Sedrick Ellis Sr. DT USC
6. Matt Ryan Sr. QB Boston College
7. Ryan Clady Jr. OT Boise St.
8. Aqib Talib Jr. CB Kansas
9. Vernon Gholston Jr. DE Ohio St.
10. DeSean Jackson Jr. WR California
11. Calais Campbell Jr. DE Miami
12. Sam Baker Sr. OT USC
13. Kentwan Balmer Sr. DT UNC
14. Felix Jones Jr. RB Arkansas
15. Brian Brohm Sr. QB Louisville
16. Jonathan Stewart Jr. RB Oregon
17. Kenny Phillips Jr. S Miami
18. Dan Connor Sr. LB Penn St.
19. Mike Jenkins Sr. CB South Florida
20. Rashard Mendenhall Jr. RB Illinois
21. Reggie Smith Jr. CB Oklahoma
22. Keith Rivers Sr. LB USC
23. Pat Sims Jr. DT Auburn
24. Fred Davis Sr. TE USC
25. Leodis McKelvin Sr. CB Troy

Player who have Dropped
Chris Williams
Ali Highsmith
Jeff Otah
Lawrence Jackson
Chris Johnson
Bruce Davis
Limas Sweed
Early Doucet
Tracy Porter
Carl Nicks
Quentin Groves
Donnie Avery


2007-2008 New England Patriots Playoff Profile
Regular Season Record: 16-0
Last Six Games: 6-0
All-Time Playoff Record: 19-12

Team Colors: Nautical Blue, New Century Silver, Red, and White
Head Coach: Bill Belichick
Owner: Robert Kraft
Mascot: Pat Patriot
Location: Foxboro, Massachusetts

Offensive Ranking:
Run: 13th (115.6)
Pass: 1st (295.7)
Overall: 1st (411.3)
Points Per Game: 1st (36.8)
Key Player: Tom Brady
What more can you say about Tom Brady that hasn't already been said? He's probably already solidified his spot in the Hall of Fame with three Super Bowl victories in a four-season span. He keeps his poise under pressure, and makes the big plays when he has too.

The Pats offensive line makes his job easier by consistently giving him all kinds of time to throw the ball. Wide receiver Randy Moss also deserves a mention here because his presence just opens up so much for other players on the team.

Defensive Rankings:
Run: 10th (98.3)
Pass: 6th (190.1)
Overall: 4th (288.3)
Points Per Game: 17.1
Key Player: Mike Vrabel
Vrabel has been among the league's best at making plays behind the line of scrimmage, and he's a Defensive Player of the Year candidate because of it. The Pats' system relies heavily on the play of its linebackers, and Vrabel is the best of the bunch at getting to the quarterback, which will be key if New England finds itself in yet another showdown with the Indianapolis Colts.

Special Teams:
Key Player: Stephen Gostkowski
Gostkowski isn't often called on to make clutch kicks at the end of games, but he may be tested on at least one occasion during the postseason, and he must be ready to come through.

Give Aways: 15
Take Aways: 31

At this point, the Patriots have to be considered the favorite to win Super Bowl XLII, but their success during the regular season could work against them in the playoffs. If they fail to win the championship following, it will be considered a monumental letdown, and their undefeated season will lose a lot of its luster. Make no mistake about it. There is a lot of pressure on this team to finish the deal.
Having said that, this is a supremely talented team led by a clutch quarterback. And Bill Belichick has a way to get his guys to rise to the occasion week after week. So expect the Pats to be a huge factor. At the time of this post the odds dropped from 14 points to 12 point favourites to beat the New York Giants and finish with a perfect season.